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50 Resources And Tools To Turbocharge Your Copywriting Skills

Stop wasting time and effort writing copy that falls flat. Raise your copywriting game and boost your powers of persuasion with these rich and informative online resources.

How To Build An Amazon Product Scraper With Node.js

The wealth of data that Amazon holds can make a huge difference when youare designing a product or hunting for a bargain. But, how can a developer get that data? Simple, by using a web scraper. Hereas how to build your data extraction bot with Node.js.

Eye-Tracking In Mobile UX Research

Thanks to technology, eye-tracking has become more accessible to UX research as it allows researchers to get insights about users avisual attention. This article explores the latest trends in the eye-tracking market and how the methodology can be included in the UX researcheras toolbox.

Optimizing Next.js Applications With Nx

Nx is a build framework that facilitates optimization, efficient scaling of applications, and other features such as shared libraries and components. In this article, we will be looking at how we can effectively scale Next.js applications by using Nx.

A Deep Dive Into object-fit And background-size In CSS

In this article, we will go through how `object-fit` and `background-size` work, when we can use them, and why, along with some practical use cases and recommendations. Letas dive in.

An Introduction To Quasar Framework: Building Cross-Platform Applications

Quasar is an open-source Vue.js-based cross-platform framework that allows you, as a developer, to easily build apps for both desktop and mobile using technologies such as Cordova and Electron and writing your code once. The app weall build will store and get its data from Firebase, meaning that we will also be seeing how to use Firebase in Quasar.

How To Build A Real-Time Multi-User Game From Scratch

This article highlights the process, technical decisions and lessons learned behind building the real-time game Autowuzzler. Learn how to share game state across multiple clients in real-time with Colyseus, do physics calculations with Matter.js, store data in and build the front-end with SvelteKit.

Respecting Usersa Motion Preferences

The `prefers-reduced-motion` media query has excellent support in all modern browsers going back a couple of years. In this article, Michelle Barker explains why thereas no reason not to use it today to make your sites more accessible.

Building The SSG Iave Always Wanted: An 11ty, Vite And JAM Sandwich

Back in January 2020, Ben Holmes set out to do what just about every web developer does each year: rebuild his personal site. In this article, he shares his story of how he set out to build his own build pipeline from absolute ground zero and created aSlinkitya.

Building An API With Gatsby Functions

In this tutorial, Paul Scanlon explains how to build an API by using Gatsby Functions and what you need to keep in mind when deploying it to Gatsby Cloud.

Smashing Podcast Episode 42 With Jeff Smith: What Is DevOps?

In this episode, weare talking about DevOps. What is it, and is it a string to add to your web development bow? Drew McLellan talks to expert Jeff Smith to find out.

Solving CLS Issues In A Next.js-Powered E-Commerce Website (Case Study)

Cumulative Layout Shift is one of the hardest core web vital to debug. In this article, we go through different tools to investigate CLS, when to use them(and when not), and solutions to some of the CLS issues we faced in our Next.js-based e-commerce website.

A Simple But Effective Mental Health Routine For Programmers

In this article, weall look at why taking care of our work-life balance is important, how to develop a simple and effective mental health routine, and the most common and efficient techniques you can use to make your custom routine.

Tips And Tricks For Evaluating UX/UI Designers

Customers may start using your app because you offer a unique product, but user experience is what makes them stay. For that, you need excellent UX designers, and the know-how to spot them when hiring.

Smart CSS Solutions For Common UI Challenges

Writing CSS has probably never been more fun and exciting than it is today. In this post weall take a look at common problems and use cases we all have to face in our work and how to solve them with modern CSS. If youare interested, weave also just recently covered [CSS auditing tools](, [CSS generators](, [front-end boilerplates]( and [VS code extensions]( — you might find them useful, too.

Upcoming Live Workshops On Front-End & UX (Oct 2021–Jan 2022)

Do you like a good interface design challenge? What about accessibility testing and design systems? Or maybe Next.js and advanced CSS? With our new online workshops on front-end & design, we cover all of it. Ah, and [here's what our workshops are like](

Useful React APIs For Building Flexible Components With TypeScript

React with JSX is a fantastic tool for making easy-to-use components. Typescript components make it an absolute pleasure for developers to integrate your components into their apps and explore your APIs. Learn about three lesser-known React APIs that can take your components to the next level, and help you build even better React Components in this article.

Bridging The Gap Between Designers And Developers

UXPin has recently launched a new feature called aMergea. This tool aims to break through the chasms of design and development, all while improving the agility and quality our teams expect. This new technology may cause some rethink on how the whole design team and engineering team collaborates.

The Autofill Dark Pattern

A adark patterna is a deceptive UX pattern that tricks users into doing things they may not really want to do. In this article, Alvaro Montoro does a little experiment to find out how much privacy is taken away from users across three different browsers.

Composable CSS Animation In Vue With AnimXYZ

Most animation libraries like GSAP and Framer Motion are built purely with JavaScript or TypeScript, unlike AnimXYZ, which is labelled athe first composable CSS animation toolkita, built mainly with SCSS While a simple library, it can be used to achieve a lot of awesome animation on the web in a short amount of time and little code.

Building A Static-First MadLib Generator With Portable Text And Netlify On-Demand Builder Functions

In this article, weall be building an interactive fiction experience in which a user can insert words that match parts of speech given by the content creator. Letas go!

Freebie: COVID-19 Icon Set (56 Icons, AI, EPS, SVG, PNG)

Every once in a while, we publish [freebies]( related to different occasions and themes. We hope that with this icon set, every designer will be able to find their own use case and contribute to saving lives. Free for personal and commercial use.

A Guide To CSS Debugging

Debugging in CSS means figuring out what might be the problem when you have unexpected layout results. Weall look at a few categories bugs often fit into, see how we can evaluate the situation, and explore techniques that help prevent these bugs.

Local Testing A Serverless API (API Gateway And Lambda)

Have you ever struggled with testing cloud services locally? Specifically, have you ever struggled with locally testing an API that uses API Gateway and Lambda, with the Serverless framework, on AWS? In this article, Tom Hudson shares a quick overview of how easy it is to quickly set up your project to test locally before deploying to AWS.

How To Build An Expandable Accessible Gallery

In this article, weall be looking at how to set up a gallery that is expandable as well as accessible with a few tips and tricks along the way. Letas get started!

How To Implement Search Functionality In Your Nuxt App Using Algolia InstantSearch

Many websites have some sort of search feature because it helps users navigate through their content easily. Implementing it the right way can be tricky and might not give a good user experience. In this tutorial, we will be integrating Algolia, a popular and powerful search service for the best experience on our Nuxt site.

A Time Of Transition (October 2021 Desktop Wallpapers Edition)

Get your desktop ready for fall and the upcoming Halloween season with a fresh batch of desktop wallpapers. Created with love by designers and artists from across the globe, they come in versions with and without a calendar for October 2021.

Using Modern Image Formats: AVIF And WebP

In this article, weall highlight how modern image formats (AVIF or WebP) can improve compression by up to 50% and deliver better quality per-byte while still looking visually appealing. Weall compare whatas possible at high-quality, low-quality and file-size targets.

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Massey staff awarded doctorates

Eight Massey University staff are among the graduands to have received doctoral degrees this summer.

New research focuses on connection between humans, gorillas and diseases in Uganda

New research suggests cross-species transmission of pathogens is intimately linked to human and environmental health, meaning areas with poor or challenging living conditions may be particularly susceptible to endemic and emerging diseases.

Massey delivering online learning to help Liberia battle emerging infectious diseases

The Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa killed thousands of citizens including doctors, nurses and midwives and now Massey is helping to design and facilitate online training for staff in Liberia so they can better understand emerging infectious diseases.

Horticulture students in top three of international Student Food Marketing Challenge

A team of Massey University horticulture students have placed in the top three of the Student Food Marketing Challenge 2021.

Massey announces top agricultural students

Prizes have been announced for the undergraduate agricultural and horticultural students who have excelled in the past year.

Brushing up on possums

A Massey University study has investigated the unrestricted gene i!ow between two subspecies of translocated brushtail possums in Aotearoa New Zealand. The findings are significant to New Zealand's goal of being predator free by 2050.

New research reveals emerging environmental contaminants of concern in NZ dolphins

Scientists have revealed emerging environmental contaminants of concern within New Zealand dolphins, with similar pollution levels to Japan.

Massey professor advising the Ministry of Health in fight against COVID-19

Helping to identify where and how mystery cases of COVID-19 have been caught in the community has been a focus for epidemiologist Professor Nigel French who is a member of the Ministry of Health's COVID-19 technical advisory group.

Navigating the waves of tertiary study

Clocking up thousands of nautical miles and traversing oceans whilst serving fulltime in the Royal New Zealand Navy has not deterred Leading Electronic Technician Ryan Langford from working towards a degree.

Giant Waikato penguin: school kids discover new species

A giant fossilised penguin discovered by Hamilton school children has been revealed as a new species by Massey University researchers.

MBIE funding awarded to researchers for innovative, cutting-edge projects

Four projects led by Massey University researchers have been awarded more than $12 million in the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's (MBIE) 2021 Endeavour Fund.

Passion for chemical engineering, cricket and Cook Island heritage drive grad's success

Ma'ara Ave owes his success as a top engineering graduate, a Fonterra researcher and aspiring Black Cap in part to his heritage from a small Cook Island, Mangaia.

Swimming talent Zac Reid reflects on Tokyo

Returning home to a nation-wide lockdown less than 24 hours after leaving mandatory managed isolation, Olympic swimmer and student Zac Reid will have to wait a little longer to celebrate his Tokyo success.

Discovery of plaque stirs up field trip memories

A 20-year-old plaque from a Massey University field trip to Australia's Simpson Desert has been discovered by a woman travelling the Northern Territory outback.

Alumni funding for breakthrough cancer research

Massey researchers are a step closer to developing breakthrough cancer-starving drugs and have received a $30,000 funding injection for the research project.

Bird's-eye view: new drone technology helps track relocated birds

A PhD student's new drone technology is changing how wildlife is tracked.

Scholarships for research on ageing, antibiotics and oysters

Ten postgraduate students have been awarded scholarships totalling $68,000 by the Graduate Women Manawatū Charitable Trust for research topics as diverse as age welfare, regenerative tourism, antibiotic resistance and oyster catcher habitats.

Are there any weak links in New Zealand's food chain?

For the final episode of this season of Conversations That Count - Ngā Kōrero Whai Take, we discuss the function, the friction and the potential futures of our food supply systems.

New research reports a lack of information on euthanasia for stranded marine mammals

New research on the euthanasia of stranded marine mammals has highlighted the need for increased reporting and improved data collection on the euthanasia of sick, injured or debilitated stranded marine mammals globally.

Virtual Open Days return for 2021

Massey University is hosting Virtual Open Days for the second year in a row so prospective students and their whānau can learn about studying with Massey from wherever they choose.

The Automation Boom is Coming. Will the Internet Be Ready?

We live in anA increasingly connectedA world. Itas estimated that there will be aboutA 260 millionA internet-connected devices in the U.S. by 2020, and the next wave of these devices will push our data demand even further. NewA Bluetooth advancements, for instance, enable devices to perform within a range thatas four times greater, twice the speed, and eight times the […]

The post The Automation Boom is Coming. Will the Internet Be Ready? appeared first on ReadWrite.

These Teen AI Entrepreneurs Will Amaze You

Starting a business is not an easy decision to make. Building a company requires work and money as well, and time. The resources of time, work, and money mean you will have to make sacrifices to start your business. It takes someone who has a lot of passion and confidence to establish a startup. These […]

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What You Need to Know to Use Drones for Your Wedding

The popularity of wedding drone photography is constantly rising. It’s not surprising because these flying machines can take really amazing photos and videos. But many people still arenat sure about the necessity of aerial photography at weddings or different events. We’ve gathered for you the most important information you need to know about drones if […]

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Trade Secrets Claimed by Prolacta to Steal Foundersa Company a Again

Elana Medo has dedicated many decades of her life to making motheras milk available to premature babies. Now a questionable trade secret lawsuit threatens to destroy her lifeas work and leave preterm infants without access to life-saving milk. The cost of a Corporation Stealing from an Individual has been the loss of human lives — […]

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Achieving Paperless Operations and Document Automation with AI and ML

Paper is an essential commodity for office operations. Most conventional offices rely on paper for completing the simplest tasks. Even after digitization, the dream of a completely paperless office is far from reality. Humans are used to a standard form of note-taking and documentation. Here is how to achieve paperless operations and document automation with […]

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Secret to Getting Leads with Digital Marketing Technology

Nowadays most companies are doing SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing. Yet sometimes the company’s are not getting the leads they need. Some businesses get leads — but not quality leads, or they don’t get the leads that fit their expectations. The main reason a company doesn’t get the leads they need is that they are […]

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Successful Scaling: How to Grow Without Tumbling Back Down

aBreathing would be delightful,a the director of products told me in our kickoff. His startup was growing fast. It had a bunch of new funding, the pressure was on to ship, and the team was underwater. I was there to help and take the pressure off so they could breathe. “Let’s begin to think strategically […]

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How to Clean a Fabric Sofa with Vinegar

Your sofa is a hub for dirt and odors, and cleaning it can seem like a hassle. If you donat have hundreds of dollars to spend on getting your fabric sofa professionally cleaned and hate the chemical smell of some fabric cleaners, vinegar may be the perfect solution! Keep reading to find out how you can clean your fabric sofa with vinegar and a few household items.

How to Start a Pest Control Business

If youare looking to start your own pest control business, navigating the info on startup costs and permits might seem trickyabut we've got you covered. Pest control is a lucrative, exciting industry to hop into right now, since employment of pest control workers alone is predicted to grow 10% from 2020 to 2030. To help you launch your own pest control company, we'll walk you through the key info on potential costs and profits, licensing, branding, and more.

How to Create a Virtual Recipe Box

Much to the dismay of the cookbook industry, digital recipe storage has exploded in popularity, making paper recipes a relic of the past. This has led to the creation of many recipe management apps and websites, such as Paprika and Recipe Keeper. While many apps likely outshine your old recipe index cards, they (and most other) all require payment to take advantage of their coolest features. This wikiHow article will show you how to make a completely-free virtual recipe box that you can access from any computer, phone, or tablet, no matter where you are.

How to Keep Mice Out of a Camper

Campers are great for exploring the open road and making memories with your family, but nothing ruins a trip faster than spotting a mouse (or the damage done by one). Whether youare currently on the road or have put your camper in storage for the season, there are lots of ways to keep mice out of a camper or RV. What if theyave already gotten inside? Donat worry, weave got strategies for getting rid of them and making sure they donat come back, too.This article is based off an interview with our MMPC-certified pest control specialist, Kevin Carrillo. Check out the full interview here.

How to Why Does Your Plant Soil Have Mold

Spotting mold growing on top of your beautiful houseplant's soil is never a welcome surprise. Moldy soil isnat uncommon, and it's usually easy to get rid of. Keep reading to learn why your plant soil has mold in the first place, what you can do about it, and how to keep it from coming back.

How to Fix a Leaky Sink Trap

So, you heard a adrip-dripa coming from under your kitchen or bathroom sink and found a little puddle of water when you opened the cabinet door. Fear notathis is a fix you can handle without calling a plumber! In many cases, fixing a leaky sink trap (P-trap) can be done in seconds and without any tools. Even if your case is a little more complicated, a quick trip to the hardware store is usually all you need to get the job done yourself.

How to Reduce Pesticide Residues in Food

When you buy food from the grocery store, pesticides are unavoidable. While studies show that minimal amounts of pesticide residue in food isnat harmful, itas still a good idea to avoid it when you can, since even small amounts can build up in your body over time. In this wikiHow, weave compiled 11 ways you can reduce the pesticide residue in your food both in your shopping practices and after you get home.

How to Save for a Family Vacation

A family vacation is a perfect time to get away from the daily routine, have some adventures, and make some memories. Saving for a vacation can be stressful, though. You already know about budgeting, but sometimes it can be tough to find spots where you can cut expenses. Never fear! We here at wikiHow have some great ideas you can use to free up money you're already making for your vacation fund, plus bring in some more.

How to Find the Admin of a Facebook Page

Do you need to find the admin of a Facebook page you're not a part of? Admins manage the posts and members of a given Facebook Page. There are times you may want to find and contact the Admin to ask a question, address an issue, or just to know who's behind the page. This wikiHow article will teach you how to find the Admin of a Facebook Page, whether you're a part of the page or not.

How to Retire if You Do Not Own a Home

Planning for retirement can feel like a balancing act! You have to save for your retirement needs while currently paying expenses like a mortgage or monthly rent. Plus, you'll need to decide what type of housing will suit your retirement lifestyle best. We'll give you suggestions for renting, downsizing, or finding other ways to pay off a mortgage early so you can enjoy peace of mind during your golden years.

How to Harvest Leeks

So you planted some delicious leeks in your garden and are excited to cook with them, but how can you tell when theyare ready to use? Luckily, there are a few sure signs to look for around harvest time. We know you have a few questions about digging up and storing your leeks, so just keep reading for all the answers you need!

How to Hang Christmas Lights Inside Windows

Putting up Christmas lights inside your home is a great way to get into the holiday spirit! Plus, they will make the interior of your home feel cozy and cheerful. Whether you want to avoid the difficulties of trying to put up lights in the cold, or just hope to make your house look festive inside and out, hanging Christmas lights in your windows is a simple way to decorate for the best season of the year!

How to Get a PS5

Since its initial release, both the Standard Edition and the Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5 have been almost impossible to get, and with the holidays just around the corner, finding them will not get any easier. Thankfully, as the shortage has continued, more methods to help you purchase Sonyas newest gaming console have popped up. This wikiHow article will show you how to maximize your chances of securing a PS5.

How to Pressure Wash Windows

When itas time to clean your windows, look no further than the power washer you might already have at home. Using a power washer to clean off your windows can speed up the process immensely, so you wonat have to spend all day on this chore! Pressure washing your windows the wrong way can lead to damage or cracks in the glass, so itas important to take a few safety precautions before you start. Read through this article for step by step instructions on how to use a pressure washer to safely clean your windows in a single afternoon.This article is based off an interview with our professional window cleaning specialist, Ben Barlow, owner of Barlow Window Bros. Check out the full interview here.

How to Make the First Move on a Guy Online

Chatting with a cute guy online is super fun, but moving from an online convo to an in-person date can feel like it takes forever. If you want to make the first move on a guy but you aren't sure how, youare not alone! With these helpful tips, you can maintain your confidence and gather the courage to make the first move on a guy and (hopefully) land a date.This article is based off an interview with our professional dating coach, Collette Gee. Check out the full interview here.

How to Cook Rice with Chicken Broth

Replacing water with chicken broth is one of the easiest ways to boost the flavor of your rice. Choose white or brown rice and decide if you'd like to add any other seasonings to the dish. You can use your preferred cooking method to make the rice with chicken broth. As long as you have the right ratio of broth to the type of rice you're cooking, you can enjoy a delicious side dish.

How to Remove a Roku Account from a TV

This wikiHow article will teach you how to remove a Roku account from a TV. If you are the owner of the Roku account on the TV and are getting it ready to be sold, you can simply unlink your account from the TV using a web browser so the new owner doesn't have access to your account. However, if you aren't the account owner (like your roommate that suddenly moved out) or just want to sign in with a different account, performing a factory reset will clear all the personal data from the TV.

How to Fix Christmas Lights

You're not crazy a those lights did work last year. Christmas lights often burn out the moment you unplug them, so the problem often goes unnoticed. There are several ways to repair your lights, depending on the problem and how hands-on you're willing to get. Start by checking for a blown fuse, a common problem with a quick and easy fix.

How to Recover from Jet Lag from Europe

Traveling to Europe and back is certainly an adventure, but flying across several time zones can lead to jet lag, leaving you feeling foggy and fatigued. So how can you make the most of your European vacation and quickly get back on schedule when you return home? There are actually tons of things you can do before you leave, on the plane, once you arrive, and once you get back home so you donat end up feeling like a zombie. Weave done the research for you and have listed the best tips and tricks for beating jet lag below.

How to Identify Flying Insects

Whatas that bug flying around your house? Is it dangerous or just a nuisance? Whether youave got a pest problem or just want to learn how to tell apart commonly confused insects, weave put together a guide on the most common flying insects youall see. There are 25 orders of flying insects, and within the largest orders, the bugs can look really different (bees and ants are technically in the same order!). To make things easier, weall first cover how to identify specific insects youare likely to see around your home or garden. Then weall go over a few of the less-common insect orders so you can identify flying insects like a true entomologist.

How to Set up and Play the Game of Life

The Game of Life allows you to live out an entire life on a game board: getting a job, starting a family, and (if you're lucky) retiring as a millionaire. The most recent edition is easy to set up, can be played by 2-4 players, and is the only version that adds pets to your life story. There are many older editions of the game too. These take a little more set up before your first time playing, but they let you squeeze up to 6 players in one game.

How to Store Ginger

Ginger can be enjoyed as a delicacy or a spice, or it can even be used for medicinal purposes, such as easing the pain of stomach ache. Ginger is commonly used in savory stir-fry dishes, in sweets like gingersnaps, and even in cocktails like the Moscow Mule. Ginger is a delicious root, but the problem is that it's hard to use the ginger from one root at once, which leads to the problem of storing it. If you want your ginger to last a few weeks -- or even a few months -- then you need to know how to store ginger in the freezer and refrigerator. If you want to know how to store ginger, just follow these steps.

How to Drive Manual

The basic concepts of starting and shifting through the gears is a manageable process for just about anyone. To drive a manual, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the clutch, become comfortable with the gearstick, and practice starting, stopping, and shifting gears at various driving speeds.

How to Write a Cover Letter

Cover letters. As much as they require more work, cover letters are a great opportunity to cover qualifications we canat fully explain in our resumes. In addition, they help personalize job applicants to enable them to come across more as real people to potential employers. If you throw together a cover letter in the hopes that nobody will actually read it, you might be missing a chance to land the job. To take advantage of a cover letter's full potential, follow these steps below. Youall find advice on formatting, reviewing, and researching cover letters. You will also find links to three free samples, which you can copy and adapt to your own personal cover letter.

How to Celebrate Hanukkah

Hanukkah, a wintertime holiday in Judaism, is also known as the Jewish "festival of lights" as its focus is on lighting the eight Chanukah candles during the eight days of the festival. Although not one of the more serious holy days of the Jewish tradition, it is still traditionally celebrated with specific foods and ceremonies.

How to Be Down to Earth

You want to be more down to earth. People who are considered "down to earth" tend to act humble, practical, and unassuming. This is a way of being, and it is certainly something that you can cultivate. Begin by confronting your ego and looking beyond yourself.

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